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Solomon Islands Diaries 1: Phenomenology of Experience

December 14, 2020
Primal Movers Podcast
Solomon Islands Diaries 1: Phenomenology of Experience
Show Notes

Between 2009 - 2011 I was lucky enough to spend an extended period of time in the remote Western Pacific archipelago of the Solomon Islands. I was there as a PhD student conducting ethnographic fieldwork, but mostly, I was there living and learning the local way of life. This is the first in what will for sure become a series of talks about my experiences there. The islands very much shaped the way I look at not only physical practice, but human nature itself - our interactions with our environment, each other and ways in which we experience meaning.

This first episode is from a talk I recently gave at the Embodiment Conference where the topic was (loosely) "The Phenomenology of Movement". I share a few anecdotes from the playing field, including my time with the young Bilikiki beach soccer team at the world cup in Dubai. The slides I was talking to can be viewed here. There´s also a short film I made about my times there. Movement has bodily, emotional and social contexts through which we can experience our place as individuals and as part of a wider collective. When perceptual patterns meet embedded motor programs, we get to explore and experience consciousness in amazing ways. We get to imagine and expose ourselves uniquely - to defy rules and to become closely intertwined in the sentient world in and around us.

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Note! - The sound recording is via another external source, so the levels are slightly lower for the talk itself. I couldn't suss it out, but the audio is at least clean, just turn volume up a bit.

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