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Facing Human: Vernon Deck - Photography, Sailing, Freedom

July 23, 2020
Primal Movers Podcast
Facing Human: Vernon Deck - Photography, Sailing, Freedom
Show Notes

If you´re into snowboarding and know some Volcom team riders, chances are the epic photographs you see on the magazines and posters are taken by Vernon Deck. Born in New Zealand and actually growing up pretty close to where I spent every summer, Vernon is a freelance outdoor action photographer who travels the world chasing the snow, and more recently, the waves, living aboard his 37ft yacht. I got to know of Vernon´s story via his fantastic Youtube channel "Sailing Learning By Doing". What drew me to his work was the authenticity he shares by living a life of adventure on his own terms and learning as he goes. A typical Kiwi "give it a go eh bro!" ethic. Between the scenes of epic underwater, still and drone videography, Vernon travels to remote areas of Melanesia and South East Asia on his boat documenting the everyday life of local populations few have witnessed on film before.

I was super keen to hear more about Vernon´s story, due in some way to the many parallels he shares with my own. We´re the same age, from the same place and left New Zealand at a similar time in the 90s in search of adventure. Apart from the fascinating tales, there´s so many great lessons from the conversation about allowing curiosity, experimentation, humility and an easy-go-lucky nature be the pathway to a life of freedom and joy. Of course we all have our own take on the great mystery called life, but I certainly resonate with people like Vernon who simply don´t wish to follow the standard rules and wait for the ideal circumstances to turn up before setting out on adventure and living your dreams.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Vernon who was actually aboard his yacht somewhere in a remote part of western Indonesia. And be sure to check out his awesome Youtube channel for some beautiful films and a very unique way to share his talents on this medium.

Please share this with those you reckon might find it interesting and as always, I´m happy to hear from you with any comments, ideas, experiences, questions etc.

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