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The Emptiness Lab Ep. 7: David Weck - Deep in the Spiral Pt. 1

July 01, 2020
Primal Movers Podcast
The Emptiness Lab Ep. 7: David Weck - Deep in the Spiral Pt. 1
Show Notes

DJ & I first became intrigued by David Weck a few years ago due mainly perhaps to his irreverence and deeply passionate approach towards human movement. We took a drive down to the WeckMethod Lab in San Diego to meet him and find out more. Well, to say David gave us a solid introduction to his method is an understatement! We´ve long talked about recording a conversation that goes beneath the surface of his often extravagant social media profile. Who is this guy really? What makes him tick? How have his experiences formed his persona? Where do these inventions come from? There´s a lot going on and these stories intrigue DJ & I as well as Weck´s following. Human stories of the rise and fall, then the redemption and reorientation to the path of service, but never devoid of an honest truth through self-expression and experimentation.

Have a listen to this conversation with an open mind. It´s a good practice at the best of times, but especially when listening to someone with such an eclectic and deeply experiential and evocative take on the nature of reality. See what strikes you most about David´s thoughts and ideas. What provokes, what inspires. Grab yourself a rope and start moving in spirals. See what happens. That´s what DJ & I have been doing (along with increasing numbers of movement explorers) and then share your results!

This will certainly not be the only discussion with Weck. If you have any questions you´d like us to include in future conversations, please let us know. Enjoy!


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