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The Emptiness Lab Ep. 6: DJ Murakami - The Psychedelic Narrative

June 04, 2020 Tom Mountjoy
Primal Movers Podcast
The Emptiness Lab Ep. 6: DJ Murakami - The Psychedelic Narrative
Show Notes

We all possess an endless array of behavioural inclinations. As humans, the choices we make and the actions we take are interwoven into the tapestry of the stories we share - with ourselves and others. During times of fear and uncertainty, we look for guidance through stories that emerge as a collective psyche of awakening to who and what we are. We absorb what is near and dwell upon what emerges at a distance. Then we make a choice to respond or react. Either way - through our contrasts of action or contemplation - we get to make a choice. This choice, as a human collective, we must ensure is sovereign to all who inhabit this plant. The choice of how we experience this precious life.

DJ & I encourage you to use all the tools available to experience and express your participation in the drama of life as it unfolds. The Emptiness Project (an immersive event of experience, expansion & communion taking place each fall in Joshua Tree, CA) is about the freedom of embodying your experiences in a safe, inclusive and loving space. To share what it means to be human - as a collective species - is a fundamental part of the new story emerging of consciousness rising. Together, we unite, in strength, courage, vulnerability, humility, wisdom and love.

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